Friday, December 31, 2010


Gone are the days of young men and women living in the world’s norms and status quo. There has got to be a higher and deeper meaning to life than pursuing the latest gadget, fashion trend, and all these seemingly meaningful but pointless things.

Today, December 31, 2010, I took up a book that I’ve seen and heard about for years- Do Hard Things. The first two chapters stirred me up so greatly that the question that has always been ringing in my head was rung like never before – What can one man do?

This question started ringing in my head when I had the most genuine encounter with the Creator, with the Man Christ Jesus this year. I’ve been a Christian for almost 10 years now, but the question’s never been stirred in my spirit than when I met Jesus and had the burning desire to fulfill the purpose and destiny which He spoke over me – to revolutionize the Agricultural industry of the Philippines and to take Global Agriculture.

When we look at history, there are countless stories of what only one man did that changed the course of history. Let’s start from where we are now going back. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, which millions now communicate with throughout the entire world. Steve Jobs created the iPod at the turn of the 21st century and now has evolved into the iTouch, the iPhone, and even the iPad, and Apple now dominates the music player industry like no other company did. Bill Gates created Microsoft Windows which millions, or maybe even billions, use up to this day or to this very moment where you are reading this.

Science has been molded by people who spent countless hours of studying, researching, and looking for that one thing that will change the way humans live. Thomas Edison failed more than 500 times before coming up with his success which we call the light bulb. In the time of the Renaissance, men were determined to discover something new and their discoveries are now the foundations of Science, Literature, and Art; men such as the Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Picasso, Newton, etc.

The abolition of slavery was initiated by the burning desire of one man by the name of William Wilberforce who sought to see the slaves set free. He was opposed as men who dream always are. Yet slavery was abolished three days before he died on his deathbed. Hitler scarred the world by trying to dominate the whole of Europe and the world, and also almost eradicating the whole Jewish race. Men carried out the actions, but one man dreamt of it all.

We can talk about story after story of wars that shaped nations and the policies between nations all because of one man’s decision. Going to the Word of God, which is truth and is infallible, the prophet Elijah pops out of nowhere in 1 Kings 17. In the midst of Israel who turned away from God, one man cried out and fire fell, and a whole nation repented and turned back to God. Esther was chosen by the King and believed that she was born for such a time when Haman (Hitler’s predecessor?) planned to wipe the Jews out. The story of David, as simple as a Sunday-school story, is striking and powerful when you come to think of it. Here is a youth, who grew up tending sheep, that walks into the battlefield against an eight-foot or nine-foot giant and simply believe in the God who created the universe. And what happens? He slays Goliath with a pebble and cuts off his head. One young man turned the tide of that battle.

But the greatest story is how One Man reconciled mankind to God, and that Man is the Man and God Christ Jesus. Because of one man – Adam – we fell, and because of ONE MAN, Jesus Christ, we can be reconciled to God. He shook the world like no other “religious man” or “philosopher” has. Because of what Christ did, we can live life and have it more abundantly. Because of Him, God can exceeding abundantly do above all we ask or think of through our lives. Because of Jesus, we can turn the tides of this world and start the waves of Righteousness and Justice that will shake every sector of society of every country and nation that all may give glory to Him. We were born for such a time as this!

We are at the doorstep of 2011. Another 365 days, another 8760 hours, another 525,600 minutes that will determine our drawing near or turning away from our destinies and callings. The question for us really is, “What can one man/woman do?” It is not the question of capability; it is a question of willingness. Will we be instrument of turning the tides of the Philippines? What can we do? Will we be the ones who will rise up in the fields of education, politics, government, media, medicine, business, church, etc.? Will we set the foundations of these fields for the centuries to come?

“What we do in life echoes throughout eternity.” – Gladiator

By life or by death, Jesus all the way

Jim Cano